Boomer Esiason Believes He Has CTE, Jets’ Enunwa Miss Season, Syndergaard Game Of Thrones, Zaza Order Of Honor


While discussing the recent study of brain damage in football players, former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason spoke about the dangers on his radio show and said he believes he likely has CTE and would be most players have it. He said, “The more we learn about our brains, the better it is for the guys who are playing today. The good news for the guys who are playing today, especially those who are playing for a long period of time, is they get paid a hell of a lot more money than we did. They have much better benefits and retirement benefits than we do.”

The New York Jets top receiver Quincy Enunwa will miss the entire season with a neck injury. He was expected to take on a big role for the team this year (with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker gone), but now the team’s prospects look even bleaker than they did before.



If you watch closely, you can see New York Mets’ pitcher Noah Syndergaard’s arm in a cameo Sunday night on “Game of Thrones“.  Syndergaard plays a Lannister soldier who throws a deadly spear.


The Golden State Warriors’ Zaza Pachulia is back in his hometown, the Republic of Georgia, celebrating his team’s NBA title win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. On the trip, he received the “Order of Honor, which is given for outstanding personal contribution to the building of the independent government.”


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