Free Agency Rumors, Venus Williams Car Crash, Favre A Coach Or GM


Free agency begins July 1st and there is speculation on where certain players will go. Among the players in the spotlight:

Gordon Hayward; currently with the Utah Jazz but may explore a move to Boston, Miami.

Blake Griffin: currently with the Los Angeles Clippers but could look at Boston, Miami or Phoenix. According to the Clipper’s Executive VP, “We look at (Griffin) as Clipper royalty,” but you never know what will happen.

Kyle Lowry: widely believed to be staying in Toronto.

Andre Iguodala: the Golden State Warriors want to keep him, but he’ll be courted by many teams.


Venus Williams was involved in a fatal car accident on June 9th, and according to the police report was found guilty. She was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and was reportedly only driving at 5mph through an intersection where traffic slowed down and she hit the victim’s car. The victim’s husband suffered head trauma and died 14 days later. The crash is still under investigation.


During an interview on ESPN, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre mentioned he might like to get back into the game by becoming a coach or general manager. Favre said he won’t make any commitments until his daughter graduates college.

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