Kushers Won’t Buy Marlins, Green Claims Dolan Slave Master, Anthony All Star Game


Jeffrey Loria, the current owner of the Miami Marlins, looks like he’ll be nominated as the next US Ambassador to France. Loria is interested in selling the team,  and one of the rumored buyers was the Kushner family. According to reports, the Kushners have now bowed out expressing a conflict of interest (Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka and is the Senior advisor to Trump).


NBA Commish Adam Silver tried to mediate and put an end to the Charles Oakley vs James Dolan feud, but the Warriors Draymond Green brought the topic front and center again. Green, on his podcast, called Dolan’s treatment of Oakley a “slave master mentality”. He said, “It was all fine and dandy when he was laying people out, taking fines, and all this stuff for your organization.But now all of a sudden, when he say something that he feels, it’s a problem. I disagree with that. I definitely think, like I said, that that’s a slave master mentality.”

Carmelo Anthony will play in his 10th All Star Game on Sunday. He was offered the injured Kevin Love’s spot in the Eastern Conference. The ironic part of this swap is that there has been talk the last few weeks of a Anthony/Love trade before the NBA trade deadline. The All-Star swap, however, was not exactly the big trade people were talking about.

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