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Indians Win After Trevor Bauer’s Bloody Pinkie, Jets Collapse Again


trevor-bauerThe Cleveland Indians are one game away from sweeping the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS, but the headlines this morning are all about the Indian’s pitcher Trevor Bauer’s bloody pinkie finger.  He cut his finger on a drone last week and was desperately trying to stop the bleeding. Baseball rules prevent players from wearing a bandage (claiming it’s a foreign substance), so everyone saw the drip, drip of the blood and knew he’d be coming out of the game. Fortunately for the Indians, they have a bullpen ready to take over and they did, rotating in 6 different pitchers to pull out a 4-2 win. The Series continues today at 4:00 pm in Toronto and if the Indians win, they move on to the World Series, marking their first World Series appearance since 1997.


With the New York Jets trailing 28-3 in Monday Night Football’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, the Jets replaced QB Ryan Fitzpatrick with backup Geno Smith. The move was too little too late as the Jets couldn’t string any significant plays together. The Jets are now 1-5 and will have to decide which QB to start next week against a 3-3 Baltimore Ravens. Cardinals 28, Jets 3.

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