Romo Out With Injury, Elliott’s Solid Debut But Caught By TMZ, Raiders Las Vegas Trademark


Ezekiel ElliottThe Dallas Cowboys lost their pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks Thursday night, which wouldn’t be that big of a deal other than the fact their quarterback Tony Romo left after only one series due to a back injury. Romo had back surgery in 2013 and missed 12 games last season with a broken collarbone. Romo had surgery on his collarbone in the off-season, and was reportedly in great shape coming into pre-season, but the injury Thursday night doesn’t bode well for the team. On the other hand, the 4th overall pick in this year’s draft, running back Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State, had a solid debut and gave the Cowboy fans something to cheer about. That is, everyone except for Cowboys’ coach Jerry Jones. Jones saw a TMZ video of Elliott visiting a marijuana dispensary hours before the game and wasn’t too pleased. There was no sign he bought anything (marijuana is legal in Seattle) but Jones still wasn’t happy as the  substance is banned in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders look pretty serious about their intention to relocate to Las Vegas. They recently filed for the trademark “Las Vegas Raiders”. Unfortunately, they should have thought of securing the trademark back in January when the owner was mulling the idea of a move. Six individuals have already filed for this trademark, so the U.S. Patent and  Trademark Office will have to sort it out. The trademark is a minor issue when it comes to moving a team. Among the many hurdles is securing financing and getting 24 of the 32 NFL teams to approve of the move.

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