Warriors Win Big Game 1, Curry Rolls Ankle, Cavs Cruise To Game 1 Victory


Steph Curry 2The Golden State Warriors started their playoff run with a bang, crushing the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs. By the end of the first quarter, the Rockets were down 33-15, and it only got worse. Reigning MVP Steph Curry was in good form the first half, scoring 24 points. But with two minutes to go in the half, Curry rolled his ankle and had to limp off to the locker room. While he came back in the third quarter, he wasn’t quite the same. He skipped practice the next day and is now questionable for game 2 of the Warriors-Rockets series on Monday. On the bright side, if Curry doesn’t play game 2, he’ll have a four day rest before Game 3 on Thursday. Golden State 104, Houston 78.

In a somewhat closer game, the Cleveland Cavaliers overtook the Detroit Pistons by just 5 points Sunday. LeBron James kept the momentum going, with 11 assists and 22 points, but it was teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love who had the best day. Irving scored a team-high 31 points, and Love— in only his fifth postseason game ever– put up 28 points. The Pistons did everything to hang on, but ultimate fell short. The Pistons were 3-1 in the two teams’ regular season matchups earlier this season. Cleveland 106, Detroit 101

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