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Hue Jackson And Ben McAdoo New Head Coaches, Lawrence Phillips Dead


MoneyballIn the NFL, the Cleveland Browns recently hired a baseball analytics specialist (think Moneyball) to crunch numbers to find the best players and strategies.  On Wednesday, the Browns signed Hue Jackson as their new head coach.  Jackson spent last year as the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals which was one of the best offenses in the league.  And prior to that, he went 8-8 as the head coach of a horrible Oakland Raiders team.  So far, the Browns are getting rave reviews for hiring Jackson. It could be the start of a nice turn around for the team.

In other coaching news, the New York Giants seem to be close on a deal to turn their current offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, into their head coach.   McAdoo served two years under former Giants coach Tom Coughlin, but was popular for implementing a faster paced, west coast style offense.  The Giants may have had a horrible defense this past season, but when their offense gets hot, they can definitely put up points.  With a weapon like Odell Beckham Jr. and whomever the Giants get in the draft, this could be a very exciting team next season.

Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was found dead in prison.  Phillips was a superstar running back at the University of Nebraska.  He then played a few years for the Rams, but was known as a serious head case.  Phillips had a short lived NFL career, and then some heinous crimes landed him in jail for a long time.   The media always kept tabs on him, and last year Phillips killed his cellmate in prison. His death is being ruled a suicide.

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