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Kobe #1 All Star, Gruden Rumored Looking At Eagles, Packers Like Rom-Coms


In the NBA, fans are allowed to vote for players to appear in the all-star game but the practice has been controversial, and some wonder if the best players are voted in or just the popular stars.  Case in point; the player with the most votes right now is the aging veteran Kobe Bryant.  Bryant is on his NBA farewell tour, and it appears that the fans want to honor him by sending him to the all-star game one last time.  Bryant tends to sit out many games or plays very few minutes, but that didn’t keep the people from wanting to see him on all-star weekend.  Stephen Curry, arguably the best player in the league, is second in votes.


The Philadelphia Eagles open coaching position has become a coveted job.  The Eagles are looking at a variety of candidates, from star college coaches, to former players, to strong offensive and defensive minds.  But now, a report is indicating that former Super Bowl winning coach and TV personality Jon Gruden is interested in the position.  Gruden has wanted to return to coaching for a long time, but has been waiting for the right gig.  These reports are only speculative at this time, but it would be interesting to see Gruden back on the field.

Clay Matthews Elsewhere in football, the Green Bay Packers, who play the Washington Redskins on Sunday in the NFC Wild card game, love romantic movies. Yes, you heard it! Movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Their love of these type of movies even led most of the offensive line and star linebacker Clay Matthews III to appear in a cameo in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. Somehow knowing this will make me see them in a whole new light on Sunday!

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