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Rams Want Out Of St. Louis, Johnny Manziel Dresses As Billy


The NFL stated they will move two teams to LA with both teams playing in one stadium. The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are all competing to be two of those teams. The Rams are proposing a stadium near the LA airport while the Chargers and Raiders have proposed a plan to build in Carson, CA. The Rams were lured to St. Louis from Los Angeles back in 1995 with the promise of a first rate stadium. Now they want to head back to LA as attendance at games is poor and a move to LA (they claim) will help the League overall.

Johnny ManzielIn one of the oddest stories (and that’s saying a lot), there’s speculation around the League as to whether or not Cleveland Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel went to Las Vegas this past weekend wearing a blond wig, fake mustache, hoodie and glasses and calling himself “Billy“. Manziel wasn’t scheduled to play on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers but he was required to check in to the facility due to a concussion he suffered the week before.  We still don’t know for sure whether this story is true, but some enterprising person is selling t-shirts via twitter with Johnny dressed as Billy.

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