Royals Win Game 1, Volquez Loses Father, Bulls Beat Cavs, Mallett Gone


Eric Hosmer In a 5 hour World Series matchup (tied for the longest in World Series history), the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals battled it out in a dramatic first game. The game was close, but the Royals managed to tie it up in the 9th, sending the game to extra innings. In the 14th inning, the Royals loaded the bases, and Eric Hosmer hit a sacrifice fly to right field to drive in the winning run. KC 5, NY Mets 4.

The Royals starting pitcher, Edinson Volquez sadly learned that his father died in the Dominican Republic just after the game was over.  Volquez’s wife made the decision not to tell him about his father until after the game was over, although due to social media, anyone following the game heard the news as it was widely reported in the early innings. As pitcher Danny Duffy said, “He knows that everyone in this clubhouse has his back. It’s terrible, terrible news. It really puts this game in perspective. Whenever Volquez decides to come back, when he’s comfortable, — he needs to be with his family right now — but when he comes back, everybody in here will be ready for a hug.”


It was opening night in the NBA.  LeBron and the Cavs were back in action taking on the Chicago Bulls.  The perennial issues for the Bulls is they can never beat LeBron.  First the Heat were their issue, and now the Cavs have made it almost impossible for them to ascend out of the East.  The Bulls came out strong, however, and held on for the win.  The Cavs are the favorites to win, but they are dealing with some injuries — namely their star point guard Kyrie Irving.  They need him back if they want to get back to the Finals.  Chicago 97, Cleveland 95.



In the NFL, the Houston Texans are going nowhere.  They lost their star running back, Arian Foster, for the season on Sunday, and are now looking for answers.  One thing is for sure, however,  they do not want QB Ryan Mallett as part of their organization’s future.  The Texans gave Mallett ample chances to win the starting job over Brian Hoyer.  Mallett was terrible, but more notably he was lazy.  He missed practices, and as I pointed out earlier this week, he missed the team flight to Miami on Sunday. The Texans are fed up and have released Mallett and brought back their former back-up T.J. Yates.

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