Cavs In NBA Finals, Dwight Howard Under Scrutiny For Throwing Elbow, Kaepernick In Hot Water


In the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers were looking to sweep the #1 seed Atlanta Hawks.  In these playoffs, the Hawks have not looked like the juggernaut they were in the regular season, and LeBron took advantage of that weakness.  The Cavs absolutely destroyed the Hawks Tuesday night and are now headed to the NBA Finals!!!!! Cleveland 118, Atlanta 88.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Rocket’s Dwight Howard is under extreme scrutiny for an elbow he threw at the Warriors’ Andrew Bogut’s face.  Everyone was saying the act was intentional and that he should be suspended for the next game.  The NBA, however,  has reviewed the play and ruled that the elbow was not intentional, but rather just part of his aggressive motion to peel himself away from Bogut.  Howard will in fact be playing Game 5 in Oakland, and the Rockets will need him to have the game of his life if they want to stand a chance against Golden State.


Colin Kaepernick Finally, in some “Athletes Doing Something Stupid On Social Media” News, the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick is in hot water on Instagram.  Kaepernick uses the number ‘7’ (his jersey number) as a nickname on social media.  He posted a pic of the devastating Houston flood that has caused severe property damage, fatalities and homelessness and said, “Houston, the 7torm is coming”.  Everyone thought it was beyond distasteful, and Kaepernick immediately apologized saying he had no idea the extent of the real damage and horror in Houston.  He said, “No disrespect.  Prayers Up!”.  These athletes need to think before they talk (or tweet).

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