Cavs Win Game 1, #1 Draft Pick Doesn’t Want Minnesota, Rangers Lose Game 3, Hershey Syrup To Endorse Nationals,


In the NBA, it was Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks.  The Hawks were out to prove that they’re the Spurs 2.0, but they still had to take on LeBron and the Cavs.  That’s anything but easy in the playoffs.  While LeBron did play well, the real hero for the Cavs was J.R. Smith who caught fire from behind the arc.  Smith hit a whopping eight 3-pointers, and proved that he is still a super valuable commodity. The Cavs win Game 1 and steal home court advantage.  Cleveland 97, Atlanta 89.

Every NBA draft prospect typically wants to go #1 overall — it shows that you were the most coveted player and it’s an honor.  But this year, a very likely #1 pick, Karl-Anthony Towns MAY have said to some friends that he would prefer to go #2 just so he gets to play in Los Angeles for the Lakers and have a more glamorous career.  There is nothing wrong with Minnesota, but they don’t play on TV as much, they don’t have as strong of a fan base, and it’s freezing.  The exact oppossite is true in LA.  It would be interesting if the top projected picks faked injuries or something to that effect to fall to #2.


The New York Rangers are now down 2-1 against the Tampa Bay Lightening in the Eastern Conference Finals. It is the second consecutive game in which the Rangers and their goalie, Henrik Lundqvist gave up 6 goals. Game 4 of the best of seven series is Friday night.


Hershey SyrupFinally, in baseball, the Washington Nationals have a very strange new tradition.  Instead of dumping Gatorade on each other’s head during a celebration, they pour chocolate syrup.  They said the reason is that “Syrup makes ice cream better — it’s the syrup on top that makes it that much sweeter”.  So that’s their rationale.  The Hershey chocolate company was so enamored by the use of their product, they decided to give the Nationals free chocolate syrup.  It’s a great endorsement opportunity for Hershey.

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