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Shelly Sterling Gets $2.6 Mill Revenge, Winston And Mariota’s Wonderlic Results


V. StivianoShelly Sterling, the estranged wife of  former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, got her revenge against the billionaire’s ex girlfriend V. Stiviano. Shelly sought $2.8 million in compensation from Stiviano for the gifts that Sterling showered on her while he was still married to Shelly. The gifts were substantial and included a $1.8 million home and $400,000 worth of cars. Under CA law, anything earned during marriage is community property so the judge ruled in Shelly’s favor demanding that Stiviano return $2.6 million. Shelly claimed that Stiviano seduced her 80 year old husband. Stiviano also recorded his racist rantings which ultimately made him lose the team and get banned for life from the NBA.



All football gurus believe that Florida State QB Jameis Winston will be scooped up either first or second in the upcoming NFL draft. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the first pick and it looks like they’ll either take Winston or Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Some teams place value on the Wonderlic aptitude test given to all players. Both Winston and Mariota scored well with Mariota scoring an impressive 33 out of 50 (same score as Tom Brady) and Winston scoring a 27 out of 50 one point shy of Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees who scored 28.

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