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Broncos Super Bowl Or Bust, Crabtree To Niners, Bucks To Playoffs


Peyton ManningIn the NFL, this is the make or break year for the current state of the Denver Broncos.  Their new head coach Gary Kubiak has his sights set on the Super Bowl even showing his team a tape of great plays from Super Bowls of the last 20 years for inspiration.  One of their receivers, Emmanuel Sanders, said that “it’s Super Bowl or bust this year”.  Peyton Manning has decided to give it one more go, but this will likely be his last season.  They have to get the job done.

Elsewhere in the NFL, long time San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree has decided to end his tenure with the 49ers.  He signed a deal across the bay with the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders were terrible last season, but towards the end, they showed some signs of life.  They even beat the Niners, which was practically their Super Bowl.  They have some nice young players, a new coach, and perhaps adding a weapon like Crabtree could help them win some more games.  Most likely a good signing for the Raiders.


BucksIn the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that was a doormat last year, is on their way to the playoffs.  They have locked in the #6 seed in the East, and have a great group of young players.  The Bucks’ management has decided to truly make this team into a contender, and are launching a full re-branding effort with the franchise.  They want to build a new, huge stadium complex (complete with restaurants and apartments) and they even launched new logos.  The Buck now look much fiercer and the colors are more in line with their origins.  Jerseys will come next, but expect the Bucks to be in the mix for the next few years.

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