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Cuban Calls College Bball Horrible, Pats Goodbye To Running Backs, Boston Marathon Bomber Found Guilty,


Mark Cuban.jpgDallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has spoken out against the state of college basketball, calling it “horrible”.  He said the 35 second shot clock is way too long, and it’s very boring to watch.  He said that you see players at the top of the key just pass the ball back and forth for the majority of the possession, and then at the end, one guy tries makes something happen, while 3 other guys just stand around because they aren’t involved in the play.  The scoring is going down, and he said that the college game has to improve so that players learn how to play a full game to come into the pros NBA ready.


Finally, in the NFL, another Patriots’ running back is on the move, as the New York Jets have signed Steven Ridley.  Ridley had an excellent season for the Pats a few years ago, but then struggled from fumbling errors and got lost in the running back fold.  Now the Pats have parted ways with both Ridley and Shane Vereen (Giants), but they still have LeGarrette Blount (who was suspended for Game 1 of next season for a prior arrest) and up-and-comer Jonas Gray.  This signals that they will likely take someone in the draft at the end of the month.


The sports world erupted in headlines on Wednesday when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, was found guilty.  This was a horrible, un-imaginable tragedy a few years ago.  Tsaranaev was guilty on all counts, and could now face the death penalty.   His sentencing was an emotional day for the world and anybody connected directly to the event or the families involved.

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