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LeBron Calls Plays For Cavs, Bhullar Historic Signing, Geno Says Men’s Bball A Joke


LeBron JamesIn the NBA, LeBron James flat out said that he has earned the right to call plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  For clarity, this means that LeBron can decide what the Cavs are going to do on offense, as opposed to head coach David Blatt.  Blatt, however, fully supports Lebron, saying that LeBron calling spontaneous plays is “business as usual” in Cleveland.  Some say this strategy is a very intelligent way to get your team behind you — let them have strategic control.  If they already have chemistry, they need to know that their coach also trusts them.  This will likely make the Cavs even stronger in the playoffs.

Wednesday was an historic day in the NBA.  The Sacramento Kings signed undrafted free agent Sim Bhullar to a 10-day contract.  This makes Bhullar the first official NBA player of Indian decent.  Bhullar went to New Mexico State and was one of the guys to keep an eye on in last year’s March Madness tourney, and now he’s getting his shot in the pros.

Finally, in women’s college basketball, UCONN head coach Geno Auriemma, one of the most successful basketball coaches in history, said that the current state of men’s college basketball is a joke.  “They can’t score”, he said.  He stated that people chalk it up to good defense, but the fact of the matter is that they miss a lot of shots.  Auriemma went on to say that they are fighting for the entertainment dollar, and if they’re going to watch a lot of bad offense, then why not take that $30 and go to the movies.

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