Cowboys Add Controversial Greg Hardy, NFL Mulling “Bonus” Point, March Madness Begins


DeMarco MurrayIn the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have taken a hit in free agency with DeMarco Murray signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.  To make up for that huge loss, the Cowboys have added defensive end Greg Hardy to the mix.  This is a very controversial signing, however, as Hardy is currently under investigation for violating the league’s and the law’s domestic conduct policy.  He may have attacked his partner.  So some critics out there are saying that the Dallas Cowboys sold their soul in an attempt to make their team better.  This is essentially the equivalent of signing Ray Rice, and that is simply bad PR for any organization.

Elsewhere in the NFL, there is a proposal for a very interesting rule change concerning a “bonus” point.  This rule would allow teams that convert a successful 2-point conversion to then have a shot of scoring a 1-point “bonus” by kicking a 50-yard field goal.  This is clearly an attempt by the league to try to make the game more competitive, and allow for late miracle 4th quarter comebacks, as a team down by 9 points could make up for that deficit on one possession.  This is a radical concept, but the league is seriously mulling it over.


Remember, Thursday marks the start of March Madness.  Everyone is pretty much penciling in undefeated Kentucky as the champion, but make no mistake that March Madness is when crazy things happen.  So when filling out your brackets, keep in mind that it only takes one bad shooting day for a mighty team to fall.  A few years ago, everyone had Kanasas to win it all, and they were stunned by Northern Iowa in the 2nd Round.  So absolutely anything can happen.

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