Hampton Celebration With Call To Jesus, 1 in 2.4 Trillion Chance Of Perfect Bracket


Major LeagueAs of  Thursday all anyone will be talking about is the NCAA tournament.  We’ll see some great upsets and entertaining celebrations. In fact, two of the most memorable celebrations already occurred when Hampton beat Manhattan in a play-in-game giving them the opportunity to play #1 seed Kentucky on Thursday. After a free throw, the Team mimicked the scene in the movie “Major League”.  Then at the end of the game, the Hampton’s coach pretended to have Jesus’ number on speed dial and called to see if they had a chance against Kentucky.

If you’re planning to set your bracket for the tournament, you have until noon on Wednesday.

Just remember, the odds of picking a perfect bracket are staggeringly difficult. One Duke math professor puts the odds at 1 in 2.4 trillion.

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