Josh Gordon Suspended Again, Larry Foote Criticized Lynch For Media, Lance Armstrong Hits Cars


In the NFL, Cleveland Browns star receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended every year he’s been in the league.  Last year, he received a season-long suspension, but after a lengthy appeal, got it reduced to just 12 games.  One would think that would be the end of it, but just a week ago Josh Gordon was caught abusing the substance policy yet again.  The NFL has banned Gordon again for at least one full calendar year.  This is a huge blow to the Browns organization who was relying on Gordon to be their go to receiver whom they could build a receiver core around.  Now, it’s unsure if Gordon will ever play in the NFL.

Elsewhere in the NFL, Arizona Cardinals linebacker Larry Foote has openly criticized Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch for his media antics.  Foote said that Lynch’s defensive interview tactics in which he told the media to ‘go-away’ is giving kids the wrong impression.  Foote felt that this implied an anti-authority tone and taught kids to disrespect all forms of authority like parents, teachers, and police.  It’s just an opinion of course, but Foote feels that kids need more positive messages out there.


Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong is making headlines again after he hit two parked cars after too much drinking and partying.  To avoid national media attention, Armstrong asked his girlfriend to take the blame to keep the cameras off of him.  She agreed, but this story has unraveled and now Armstrong is in even hotter water.  Not exactly the best plan.

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