Aaron Rodgers Tear In Calf Muscle, Warner Considering Comeback With Cardinals, Shanahan Leaving Browns


Aaron RodgersIn the NFL, now is the time when small injuries can seem very big.  The Cowboys/Packers game is arguably the most anticipated game this weekend.  It’s Tony Romo vs. Aaron Rodgers.  Most would favor Rodgers in that match-up, but on Thursday it was reported that Rodgers officially has a slight tear in his calf muscle.  Considering that being a quarterback is all about mobility, and making a great play means using your leg muscles, this could be bad for the Packers.  Plus, the Cowboys are pretty hot right now, and seem to be on a mission.  This is going to be a great game.

Elsewhere in the NFL, in some very interesting news, it appears that 43-year old Kurt Warner was actually considering a comeback had the Arizona Cardinals come calling.  The Cardinals had a great start to the season, but they were down to their inexperienced 3rd string quarterback in the playoffs.  The Cards never actually called Warner, but Warner said if they had, he would have considered it.  Warner said his main issue was actually messing up.  He knew that expectations would be low, but for him, it would have been high and he didn’t want that pressure.  Either way, the Cards lost and are hoping that they get Carson Palmer back next year.

Finally, more changes for the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns’ offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, son of Super Winning coach Mike Shanahan, has decided to leave the organization.  Shanahan didn’t see eye to eye with the front office about the starting quarterback position.  The front office wanted it to be Johnny Manziel for marketing reasons, but Shanahan, who’s responsible for running the offense, didn’t feel comfortable with Manziel at the controls.  Shanahan is now interviewing for the head coaching job of the Buffalo Bills.

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