Rory Mcllroy wins Open, Wiggins May Stay a Cav, Glen Rice Jr. Wins Summer League MVP


Rory McllroyTypically all eyes are on Tiger Woods, but we can’t forget that there is another marketable force in golf:  Rory McIlroy.  Mcllroy is newly single, good-looking, and an incredible golfer.  And this weekend, he played marvelously and won the Open Championship.  Expect to be seeing Mcllroy in many more commercials.  Winning this big tournament is a major step towards him becoming a household name in the sporting community. 


Andrew WigginsIn the NBA, there is still  speculation that the Cavs overall #1 pick Andrew Wiggins may be headed to Minnesota along with last year’s #1 overall pick Anthony Bennett in exchange for T-Wolves star Kevin Love.  Yesterday it was reported, however,  that the Cavs are very close to signing Wiggins to a contract.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that Wiggins will stay in a Cavs jersey, as Cleveland can still trade his contract away, but it does make you wonder if the Cavs are planning a title run WITH Wiggins.  After all, with LeBron’s tutelage, he could develop very quickly.

Finally, in some NBA Summer League news, all the young players are trying to prove that they either deserved to be drafted or SHOULD HAVE been drafted.  These guys play hard right out of the gate, all vying to catch the coach’s eye and hopefully get some playing minutes next season.  That’s why it’s a pretty big deal who gets Summer League MVP.  And yesterday, that honor was bestowed upon the Washington Wizards’ Glen Rice Jr., son of the great Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets 3-point shooter Glen Rice.  That’s just one more weapon for the Wizards who are trying to make a run at the title next year. 

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