In the World Cup, it was finally time for the nation to watch the USA in action again.  Everyone was pumped up after USA’s win over Ghana, that just about every sports bar in the country was packed to the brim with new soccer fans.  But Portugal boasts the world’s best player in Cristiano Ronaldo.  Would the US have an answer for him?  Well, Portugal got on the board early on account of a US defensive breakdown.  And they kept that 1-0 lead into the half.  

RonaldoBut early in the 2nd half, Jermaine Jones booted a beautiful hook shot from far out to tie the game at 1-1. Then, with the momentum, the US got another beautiful scoring attempt, that saw Clint Dempsey get one into the goal.  All they had to do was just hold the lead for 15 more minutes.  And it looked like they would.  Unfortunately, you can’t let the best player in the world, Ronaldo, be completely wide open.  Ronaldo kicked a gorgeous pass to a teammate, who knocked it in for the tie with just 20 SECONDS TO GO!!!  A heartbreaking tie for the US.  A tie is still a massive accomplishment against a strong team like Portugal, and the US are still in contention.  Although they need a win or tie against Germany to get to the knockout round.  USA 2, Portugal 2.


And in the NBA, this next week will answer a lot of questions on which stars will opt to sign with their current team or opt for free agency.  LeBron and D-Wade have to do it by June 30th, but on Sunday another superstar, Carmelo Anthony, has opted out of his contract with the Knicks.  He definitely wants to take a shot at a championship.  Likely suitors are the Lakers, Rockets, and Bulls.  We will see where he winds up.

Finally, with the NBA Draft this Thursday, some sad news for a Baylor prospect.  Isaiah Austin was projected to be a late first round pick.  A strong, muscular big man who could be a solid role player.  He already had vision problems, but after his physical, it turned out he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a serious heart condition.  Doctors said that he could no longer play competitive basketball.  This is tragic for a player who worked hard in college and just wanted to hear his name called at the draft.  Hopefully they mention his name in an honorary fashion at the draft. 

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