In the NBA, it was the much anticipated match-up between the Eastern Conference leaders Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.  As of now, these two are jockeying for position, hoping for the eventual home court advantage if they wind up playing each other in the Eastern Conference Finals.  This one was on the Pacers home court, and they hoped to take a step closer to securing that #1 spot.  Plus, as an advantage, the Heat were without Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen.  They are seemingly resting up for the playoffs.  It was a very close game that came down to the last shot.  Chris Bosh had a chance to win, but… air ball, and the Pacers hold on for the win.  Indiana 84, Miami 83.


And in college football, some potential groundbreaking news.  Northwestern University football players attempted to unionize recently, and yesterday, the court ruled in their favor, saying they have the right to unionize.  According to their decisions, the players are technical employees of the university and can unionize.  If this becomes contagious, it could be the end of the NCAA as we know it.  Many college athletes have voiced their opinions on not being paid even though they make the university and the NCAA a ton of money.  With a union, they would have more strength behind their argument.  This is a story that could get very heated in the coming year.

Finally, in the NFL, former Buffalo Bills star quarterback Jim Kelly has been battling mouth cancer.   Yesterday his wife put out a statement that Kelly will not pursue surgery for his cancer.  She said, at this point surgery is not the best option for his particular form of cancer.  It wouldn’t eradicate everything, and Kelly still has a type of cancer that can be cured via non-surgical means (e.g. chemotherapy).  Bills fans and football fans everywhere are praying for the Kelly family.


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