You may not have realized it, but the very FIRST round of the NCAA Tournament (known as March Madness) got under way on Tuesday.  These were the first two of four play-in games.  First up, it was two #16 seeds hoping to get a crack at the #1 overall seed Florida.  Albany led 21-5 over Mt. St. Marys at one point, then in almost a flash of lightning, lost the lead.  The game was neck and neck, but Albany was able to pull out the victory to nab their first ever NCAA Tournament win.  Then, it was a battle of the #11 seeds:  NC State (playing very well right now) against Xavier.  NC State held control of the game throughout, and took the win.  They will now take on #6 UMass.  Albany 71, Mt. St. Marys 64.   NC State 74, Xavier 59.

Elsewhere in college basketball, the Auburn basketball program is tired of being irrelevant. Sure, this is a football school, but with their resurgence in the last few years, they want to be one of the overall athletic programs in the country.  That means you need a good basketball team.  In order to do this, you need a charismatic coach who knows how to recruit.  They went with ESPN’s own Bruce Pearl.  Pearl used to be the coach at Tennessee, but a controversy led to his release.  Auburn is giving him a $14 million dollar second chance.  This program should turn around quickly.


In the NFL, everyone knows by now that Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson used to be a baseball player in college.  The Texas Rangers even used a draft pick on him.  Wilson reported to camp, but likely won’t play.  Then again… he’s keeping his options open.  With that said, former 2-sports super athlete, Bo Jackson, has weighed in on the matter.  Bo said that Wilson should stick with football.  Nowadays, sports have gotten so competitive and intense physically that it seems nearly impossible to for an athlete to play sports year round.  Wilson will likely heed Bo’s advice.

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