In college football, all eyes were on University of Texas coach Mack Brown.  Texas is arguably the biggest football program in the nation, and they have been lackluster the past few seasons.  This is a program that is accustomed to always being in the Top 5.  Both the school and the alumni association don’t like to lose.  Brown said that he wasn’t stepping down, but conflicting reports say that Brown is likely out at the end of the season.   Texas does need a refresh, and all the rumors suggest that they are going after Nick Saban.  Saban’s life would be easier in Austin than in Alabama, as they don’t necessarily want to kill you if you lose just one game in Austin.

In the NFL, Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam has called out Detroit Lions’ receiver Calvin Johnson.  The 22-year old Elam has called “Megatron” an “old man”.  Elam said that he would handle Johnson.  But, clearly Elam hasn’t seen just how incredible Johnson is playing this year, and yesterday the merely 28-year old Calvin Johnson responded saying that he will show Elam what an “old man’s strength” is all about.  This is a big game for both the Ravens and the Lions on Monday Night.  Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot.


The Texas Rangers have made an interesting draft pick in a supplemental draft.  There are a lot of compelling draft picks out there, but the Texas Ranges decided to draft Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson.  They paid $12,000 just to get the rights to him.  It’s unlikely that Wilson will play, as an organization like the Seahawks is likely going to pay Wilson big money to be their long-term franchise quarterback.  And they will NOT want Wilson possibly getting hurt playing baseball.  Plus, Wilson is the QB, and that position is a full time, year-round job (unlike cornerback or running back — the position we’ve seen other dual sport athletes play).  It’s likely they will just want Wilson to come in and speak to the players every now and then.

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