In an update in the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal, a major NFL star is coming to his defense.  As a recap, Manziel caught fire for signing autographs for money.  It is completely against the rules for an NCAA student athlete to profit from his collegiate athletic experience in any way.  But now, Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has said that he thinks Manziel SHOULD get paid.  Peterson said, “The universities are making a lot of money off of student-athletes in general. So, yeah, he should be able to make money. I think so. They make millions off of these college athletes and they made millions off of the guys I played with as well. Yeah, he should be getting paid”.   This isn’t exactly an original sentiment, but when another former college superstar also thinks this way, people tend to pay some attention.

In the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals had a lackluster year last season, and they will definitely be looking to turn it around come opening day.  They aren’t projected to do much this season, but they do have an up-and-coming defense led by cornerback Patrick Peterson.  And Thursday, the Cardinals owner dropped the highest of praises on Peterson:  He compared him to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, arguably the best all-around athletes of the last 30 years.  Remember, those guys played two sports professionally, and were great at both.  Everyone wonders if there will be another guy like him, but the Cardinals owner thinks that, if there ever was, Peterson would be that guy.

Finally, in the drama that is the New York Jets, it looks like pretty-boy Mark Sanchez will get the snaps as the starter in the Jets home opener.  There has been a lot of controversy as to who would be the man in New York.  Would it be Mark Sanchez (who had a horrible year last season) or their rookie Geno Smith (who looks pretty bad right now).  It looks like Jets coach Rex Ryan is sticking with his guy Sanchez for now, but don’t be surprised if he changes his mind next week.

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