In the NFL, Nnamdi Asomugha was considered the best cornerback in football a few years ago.  When he left the Raiders to pursue the free agent market, he was the most desirable name on the free agent board.  He picked the Philadelphia Eagles coming off a hot season, but the Eagles were terrible the following year.  It left many wondering how good Asomugha actually was.  Was he just all hype?  Now, he has moved on from the Eagles and will join the secondary of the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers.  The Niners have a staunch defense, but their secondary left something to be desired.  The Ravens chewed it up in the Super Bowl.  But with Asomugha back there, they might just turn into the league’s toughest defense.


In the NBA, the Heat’s streak has been over for a week now, so they are now in safety mode.  Against the Knicks, they rested both LeBron and Dwayne Wade to ensure they wouldn’t get hurt from their minor injuries.  That gave Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony a chance to shine.  Anthony put up a whopping 50 points in the win against the Heat.  The Heat know that they’re in the midst of a special season (especially given their 27-game streak), but none of it will matter if they don’t win a Championship.  NY 102, Miami 90.

Finally, in some interesting news out of Dallas, Mark Cuban has made a fascinating comment.  Brittney Griner is arguably the best female basketball player ever.  She was a dominate center at Baylor, and nobody could come close to stopping her.  She even dunked 18 times while at Baylor.  She’s headed to the WNBA, BUT, Mark Cuban has said that he would consider drafting her in the second round.  And if Dallas doesn’t draft her, he said he would invite her to camp to see if she could hang with the big boys.  This is quite progressive, and if there is any woman who could make it in the NBA, it’s Griner.  Would be fascinating to see the Mavs grab Griner.  Cuban said that most 2nd round players don’t make it in the league anyway, so it would be worth the risk.

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