In college basketball, the Indiana Hoosiers are having their best year in ages.  They used to sit atop the college basketball rankings under Bobby Knight in the 70s and 80s, but then lost steam for the past 20 years.  Now, they are back on top in the #1 spot.  However, they had to take on Michigan State IN Michigan State where they haven’t won since 1991.  That all changed last night, as a late second half comeback and big game from their star Cody Zeller gave the Hoosiers the victory.  March Madness is still anybody’s game (especially this year with all the parity in college hoops), but Indiana will likely be a #1 seed and tough come tournament time.  Indiana 72, Michigan State 68.


In college football, with the season over, all eyes are on the NFL Draft.  One of the biggest names in the Miami scouting combine is Notre Dame star and Heisman candidate Manti Te’o.  Everybody had Te’o locked up as a first round pick, but after his latest drama, in which he was duped into thinking he was dating a girl that didn’t exist, he has been tabloid fare for the past two months.  Te’o appeared on many major talk shows and did interviews with many people outside the sporting community — so much so, that it’s a little tough to remember that this guy is actually a football star.  Now, in Miami, Te’o must still talk with the media, but also get their mind off of his tabloid drama and onto his athletic skills.  This is a difficult transition in this day and age.

Finally, in college football, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has joined the echelon of superstar-famous college athletes.  Other inductees in year’s past are Matt Leinart and Tim Tebow — guys so popular that it’s hard for them just to be regular students.  So, in Manziel’s case, he is essentially no longer able to walk thru campus without being mobbed by students or hounded by photographers.  Manziel said he first noticed this in an English class with 20 people, when nobody could concentrate on the class and just kept talking and staring at him.  So now Manziel will take all his classes online.  With that said, his parents are checking and double-checking that this ensures he remains a student at the university as to not break any NCAA rule violations.  The NCAA is sensitive about academics, and the university definitely doesn’t want Manziel suspended for foolish reasons.  He’s their meal ticket to a National Championship, and he’s certainly making them a lot of money.

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