In the NBA, there were two major match-ups on the docket.  Two more games before all the teams break for all-star weekend in Houston.
First up, it was the much anticipated rematch between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  But this time, it was on OKC’s turf.  Would they be able to stop LeBron?  He is playing like a mad man right now.  Then, again the Thunder do have Durant and Westbrook, but this year’s campaign is without James Harden, a guy they sorely missed Thursday night, as the Heat dominated the Thunder in the first half.  LeBron had 39 points on the night, and the Thunder were just nowhere close at any point in the game.  People thought the Thunder were arguably the league’s best team, and the Heat made beating them look easy.  Should the Thunder make a move before the trade deadline?  Miami 110, OKC 100.

Next up, it was another rematch between two NEW rivals — the Lakers and Clippers.  This game used to be an afterthought for the Lakers, but now the Clippers are ruling Los Angeles, and the Lakers are struggling to make the playoffs.  (Note, however, that all the local LA radio stations still only talk about the Lakers).  The Clippers were coming off a slaying of the Houston Rockets, but the Lakers were also coming off a win, and this was their chance to show they have their mojo back.  But, that was futlile, as the Clippers crushed the Lakers in front of a Laker fan base.  It was whisper quiet in there, and the Lakers really showed their old age in this game.  LA Clippers 125, LA Lakers 101.

And in the most disturbing news of the day, former Olympic hero and inspiration Oscar Pistorius made negative headlines yesterday.  Pistorius was everyone’s favorite Olympian this past summer, as he became the first double amputee to run in the Olympics, earning the nickname ‘bladerunner’.  He was a role model to believe in your dreams and never give up.  However, everyone has a dark side, and he had a huge one, as he was arrested for murdering his model girlfriend.  It hasn’t been proven, but she was killed and he is the only suspect at this time.  Just an awful story.  His girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was an advocate against rape and domestic violence.

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