In the NBA, we all knew that LeBron James is greater than great, but he is playing at such an absurdly amazing level right now, that you simply are missing out if you don’t watch his games.  Tuesday night against the Blazers, LeBron put up his 6th straight game with over 30 points and over 60% from the floor shooting.  LeBron has figured out how to always take advantage of a mismatch, and even avoid taking the shots that the defense WANTS him to take.  He’s playing super intelligent basketball, and has become basically unstoppable.  If he is ever on TV, you have to watch him.  It’s a legend in the making.  Miami 117, Portland 104.

And speaking of Legends,  the great Michael Jordan turns 50 on Sunday.  And that leaves a lot of people wondering if Jordan could still play at the age of 50.  Antawn Jamison still thinks so, saying that Jordan would fit in well as a roll player, possibly coming off the bench for a few minutes for a few points.  He’s not exactly human, so this makes sense.  And after all, Jordan did play for the Wizards at 40 and was their best player.  Grant Hill is still out there on the court at 40, so you have to believe that the ‘great one’ could still hack it just 10 years later.

And in college basketball, the Kentucky Wildcats certainly don’t look like the juggernaut championship team they were last year, but, at the same time, they still have some major talent.  Namely that of Nerlens Noel, one of the top recruits out of High School, and the projected #1 pick in the NBA Draft.  And when you have a talent like that, you never know how far a team can go in March Madness.  However, Tuesday night against the Florida Gators, Noel suffered a knee injury that had Kentucky coaches asking for a wheelchair.  It’s uncertain how long Noel will be out, but if he does miss the rest of the season, that’s pretty much it for Kentucky’s championship hopes, and also might cause Noel’s draft stock to drop significantly.  Florida 69, Kentucky 52.

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  1. Dominick Curatola February 14th, 2013 6:16 am

    This is so timely. The NY Times covers this Lebron James story a DAY after femalefan.com does. Look at this link. Good job, female fan.


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