In the NFL, after a lot of speculation, the Eagles have finally made a decision on their quarterback for the 2013 season.  They have decided to give Michael Vick a one-year deal for $12 million.  Many thought they might move on at the quarterback position, but they did some assessing and realized that Vick was likely better than anybody they could get on the free agent market.  Plus, it’s not the strongest draft class, there is no RG3 or Russell Wilson to run new head coach Chip Kelly’s fast-paced system.  Some thought that Eagels would stick with rookie quarterback Nick Foles, but they’re going with Vick, hoping that Kelly can turn things around with Vick.



Finally, in the NBA, Kobe Bryant doesn’t usually talk directly to his fans on Twitter, but yesterday he had to interfere with a serious situation.  On Kobe’s twitter feed, one of Kobe’s fans said to another “You’re gay” in an effort to put him down.  Kobe jumped into the discussion, admonishing his fan that saying “You’re gay” in the context of trying to put him down is “Not OK”.  Kobe came under fire 2 years ago when he was caught on camera shouting the ‘F’ word after a controversial call.  He came under fire from Gay Rights organizations, and since then has been an advocate for Gay Rights and not allowing people to use the word “gay” in a negative context.  It was a stand-up move by Kobe.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors are set to make uniform history in a week.  There have been new crazy and interesting jerseys all the time in the NBA, but the Warriors have done something different.  They will have new jerseys… with sleeves.  Yep, they have some very short sleeves and look very sleek, plus they are made of a special material that supposedly help them absorb sweat better.  No team in NBA history has ever had jerseys with sleeves, so this could open the door to some very interesting jerseys in years to come.

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