In the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons were coming out of their bye week hoping to stay undefeated.  But it wouldn’t be easy, as they would have to steal a win from the Eagles in Philly — a place that’s always tough to win.  However, we shouldn’t underestimate just how good the Falcons are this year (and, alternatively, how bad the Eagles have become).  Matt Ryan was his Matt Ryan-self this game, tossing 3 touchdowns in the first half alone.  Ryan would finish the game with 262 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Meanwhile, Michael Vick had another bad game, and at this point, head coach Andy Reid has openly talked about benching Vick in favor of the rookie Nick Foles.  Andy Reid’s job is on the line, and he needs to make the playoffs.  Likely, he’s got a better shot of doing that with Vick, but Foles played well in pre-season and make be the future in Philly.  Atlanta 30, Philadelphia 17.

Elsewhere, Cam Newton was hoping to turn the Panthers season around, but would have to do it against the red-hot and dangerous Chicago Bears.  Newton had a better day than most this season, throwing for 314 yards, but he failed to throw a touchdown and also threw 2 picks, one of which was returned for a touchdown by the Bears defense.  Then again, the Panthers did hold the lead for most of the game, but Jay Cutler brought the Bears back in the second half and a last second field goal from Bears kicker Robbie Gould would give them their fifth win in a row.  The Bears look pretty good right now, and will be tough to take down.  Chicago 23, Carolina 22.

And, in a new NFL tradition, one regular season game is played ever year in London.  The NFL, like the NBA, is always trying to expand their reach overseas, and a game in London is the perfect way to do it.  Then again, they’re competing with the absolute passion of the English Premiere Soccer League from the British fans.  That’s why they send over Tom Brady and the Patriots to give them one of the United States’ biggest sports celebrities, and, of course, the Patriots offense is fun to watch.  They took on the St. Louis Rams, but the Rams didn’t pose much of the threat.  The Rams got out to a 7-0 lead, and that was the end of the Rams scoring day, as Tom Brady took over and just mopped the floor with them.  Tom Brady finished the night with 304 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that London could absolutely support an NFL team.  The NFL may not be ready for that yet, as they still have to get a team in Los Angeles, but it’s good to know that the UK is ready for us.  New England 45, St. Louis 7.

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