In the NFL, after getting destroyed on Sunday by the San Francisco 49ers, the New York Jets appear to be in disarray.  They have a problem at starting quarterback, as Mark Sanchez is playing quite poorly, and he’s got Tim Tebow nipping on his heels.  (The media would love some Tebow magic, and the Jets sorely need it).  On top of that, they lost their star cornerback, Darrelle Revis, for the year. And now, there’s a strong chance they will be without their #1 receiver Santonio Holmes for the year.  Without Holmes, the Jets are relying upon Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schillens, and rookie Stephen Hill to get them through the remainder of the season.  After winning in Week 1, it could be a long way down for the Jets going forward.  They might get that high draft pick they wanted.


The race is on for the AL East Crown with just one game remaining.  The Orioles are one game back, but they got their win against the Rays Tuesday night.  They needed the Yankees to lose if they would pull off the impossible and have a shot to win the East.  The Yankees, however, are blessed with a home stand against a horrible Boston Red Sox team who, get this, is using these last few games as practice.  Yep, they’re starting a lot of minor league guys to get them exposure.  The Orioles are infuriated because they need the Red Sox to beat the Yankees. Last night, it looked like the Red Sox had a shot, as they led 3-1 going into the bottom of the ninth.  But the Yankees turned into the Yankees and tied up the game behind a Raul Ibanez 2-run homer.  Then, Ibanez knocked in another run in the 12th to give the Yanks the comeback win.  It all comes down to tomorrow’s game.  If the Yanks win, they secure the east crown.  If the Orioles win and the Yanks lose, the Orioles hold the tiebreaker for first place.  It should be interesting.  Baltimore 1, Tampa Bay 0.  NY Yankees 4, Boston 3.


Finally, in the NBA, the drama is already heating up in Los Angeles.  Dwight Howard made his Lakers debut in a practice yesterday.  But when questioned by the media as to “Who’s team is this?”, Howard said “It’s the Lakers”.  The media pushed more saying that, it’s 4th quarter in the playoffs, then whose team is this?  And Howard said, “It’s our team”.  Everybody knows that the Lakers are Kobe’s team, but the hard truth is Dwight was brought in not only to win a title, but to also take over as the alpha dog when Kobe retires.  Then again, we’ll see what happens come crunch time.  Funny enough, this type of story is getting more headlines and talk radio support in Los Angeles, than when the Los Angeles Kings made their miraculous Stanley Cup championship run.

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    If inrmaoftion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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