In the NFL, on the season finale of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which covers the Miami Dolphins, a number of roster cuts had to be made.  The Dolphins had four quarterbacks on their roster, and somebody had to go.  It wouldn’t be their top draft pick Ryan Tannehill.  So that brought it down to Matt Moore, Pat Devlin, and David Garrard.  Incidentally, Garrard was actually brought in to start — someone from whom Ryan Tannehill could learn the ropes.  But Garrard hurt his knee and was sidelined throughout training camp.  And Tuesday, even though he had made a recovery, the Dolphins had to say goodbye to Garrard.  It’s possible another team might pick him up for insurance in the event their QB goes down, but right now Garrard is a man without a team.

It looks like Washington Redskins fans might really have something to cheer about this year.  Of course they’re high on their rookie Robert Griffin III, but going into the season, Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan said that RG3 is a perfect combination of Michael Vick (he can run), Peyton Manning ( has the arm strength and precision to make amazing throws), and Tom Brady (he can make perfect reads, knowing exactly what a defense is going to do).  If this is the case, then the Redskins may genuinely have found their QB of the next decade.  If RG3 is as good as Morgan says, then perhaps the Redskins are playoff bound again.  Then again, Josh Morgan may just be brown nosing — and looking for RG3 to throw him the deep balls.


The toughest division in sports is easily the AL East.  They boast the Yankees and Red Sox (two teams that are almost always good), as well as the now always competitive Tampa Bay Rays.  In lieu of this, it’s amazing that the Baltimore Orioles have had their best season in over 10 years.  Tuesday, they crushed the Toronto Blue Jays to pull into a tie for first place with the Yankees.  The Red Sox are bad this season, and the Yankees are reeling, so the O’s might actually have a chance to nab the top spot.  In fact, they might even have more competition from the Rays than the Yankees.  Baltimore is red hot right now, getting a lot of help from their very talented young pitching staff.  Can they hang on?  Orioles 12, Toronto 0.

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