Tuesday night was our annual fantasy football draft. The thing about fantasy football (or any fantasy league) is you might really dislike a team (and, my friends know exactly which team I’m talking about) but if they’ve got some good players, it’s really hard not to take one (or in my case a few) of them. With that said, my able teammate, David and I drafted a pretty decent team (at least that’s what we always say before the season begins). Our fantasy draft is an auction, so we had to allot how much money we were going to spend per player. This year we decided to go all out on our QB. We picked up Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers) then spent the next chunk of money on DeMarco Murray (RB, Dallas). After that we stocked up on some solid wide receives and running backs. At the very end, we snatched Robert Griffin III (RGIII) as our backup QB. Thanks to our commish, Ira, for running a smooth draft and hoping you still have a voice today after saying repeatedly, “going once, going twice…..”.

Good luck everyone!

Last Year’s Winners!



Apparently Salad Pizza is not a big hit!

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