In the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks entered the pre-season not knowing who their quarterback would be.  At first, it was set to be Tavaris Jackson, who had a decent year last year but battled injuries.  Then, the Seahawks paid $20 million for Packers back-up Matt Flynn.  Now, it looks like it’s going to be their 3rd round pick out of Wisconsin Russell Wilson.  Wilson is playing spectacular football in the pre-season, and he’s giving the Seahawks that mobile running presence they need.  At Wisconsin, Wilson was phenomenal, contributing to the beating of teams by 30 or more points.  Wilson has been named the starter, and the Seahawks sent Tavaris Jackson to the Bills, which could also mean the end of the Vince Young era in Buffalo.  The Seahawks could be a surprise team to beat this season.

And in New York, the Jets were hoping to get a successful performance from the pre-season.  They have been awful, and both their quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow have failed to throw a touchdown pass in 3 pre-season games.  The Jets have a fantastic rookie wide receiver in Stephen Hill, but he’s not being utilized because the quarterback situation is so awful.  Plus, because of the Tebow/Sanchez QB controversy, both quarterbacks are having serious confidence issues.  They’ve got all this media attention, and it’s throwing them both off.  Tebow, more so, is showing a lot of his weaknesses.  In another note from this last game, Panthers running-back Jonathan Stewart went down with an ankle injury.  The Panthers are hoping they get him back for the start of the season.


And finally, this weekend gave us the always fun Little League World Series.  First, Tennessee played California to determine who was the best team from the U.S.  And remember, this Little League World Series starts at the county level, with each team climbing the ranks hoping to represent their state, and then the United States overall.  Tennessee beat California and would face Japan in the final game.  Tennessee has a guy named Lorenzo Butler, who hit 4 home runs in 2 days.  But the hero of the final game would be Noriatsu Osaka.  He hit three home runs in the final game as Japan ‘skunk-ruled’ Tennessee.  Note:  The skunk rule is when a team gets up by 10 runs, the game is called because it would start to get embarrassing.  It’s very uplifting that this tournament is taken so seriously, as it’s fantastic for the kids participating.  Congratulations to Japan.  Japan 12, Tennessee 2.

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