It looks like the Ichiro investment in New York is working out just fine.  The Yankees acquired Ichiro a few weeks ago in hopes that he would give them the same clutch hits he picks up in Seattle.  They would need those hits when taking on their rival:  The Boston Red Sox.  Would he help them out?  That’s a big YES.  Ichiro belted not one, but TWO home-runs in the game to help the Yankees get an easy win over the Red Sox and maintain a comfortable lead atop the AL East.  Since coming to the Yankees, Ichiro has looked completely revitalized. It’s like he’s 23 years old again and ruling the majors.  This trade may pay out some dividends in the form of a World Series.  NY Yankees 4, Boston 1.


And in the NFL, Andrew Luck took the field for his second pre-season NFL game.  He has acclimated his game to the pro level quite well.  And while the Colts are still rebuilding, Luck still has some decent weapons to work with (e.g. Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Donald Brown).  Luck did throw 2 picks, but they were more a credit to the solid defense of the Steelers as opposed to a bad pass from Luck.  And even though he threw two picks, he still drove the Colts down the field TWICE for scoring drives.  Luck even ran in a touchdown at the goal line (although there was some dispute as to whether it was actually a TD).  All signs point to the fact that Luck will be an outstanding player in this league.  Pittsburgh 26, Indianapolis 24.

Finally, in college football, Wisconsin has been a juggernaut the last few seasons, and they seem to have found a formula for success.  Basically, they import quarterbacks from other universities.  Last year, NC State’s Russell Wilson transferred to give himself a better chance to succeed with the Badgers.  Wilson put up gaudy numbers, got drafted by the Seahawks, and is now competing for the starting job.  Now the Badgers are recruiting another solid quarterback.  Danny O’Brien was supposed to be the salvation for Maryland football, but they were awful last season, and O’Brien was even benched at one point.  He was tired of them and wanted a chance to show what he could do.  Wisconsin gave him that chance and named him the starting quarterback this weekend.  O’Brien will get a second chance, and may help the Badgers get back to a BCS bowl game.

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