In college football, after Penn State was handed their harsh penalty, many were curious why they didn’t put up any fight.  They accepted every single thing that was handed to them without one complaint.  Many thought that this was their way of owning up to a deep wrong.  And while this may be true, it’s hard to believe this was all about morals, especially the morals of an entire university… at once.  Well yesterday’s report sheds light on all of this, as they had two choices — take their punishment (the one we know about) OR… face an unprecedented 4-year death penalty.  That would mean that the entire program would be shut down for 4 years.  That would have had a horrible economic impact on the staff and many businesses in the small town of State College that relays on the football program for their livelihood.  It will still be a tough road for Penn State, but at least they will have their football.


And in the NBA, the Dwight Howard rumors have slowed down a bit in the past few days.  After speculation that he was going to Houston, and then to the Lakers (with the Lakers shipping Bynum to Cleveland), it appears that we’re back at square one:  Dwight Howard is still on the Magic.  Recently, the Magic said that they may intend to keep Howard on the team, play him for the first half of the year, and then see what team wants him most come the trade deadline (thinking they would have a bargaining chip if one team desperately needed his services to win a title).  But yesterday, Howard reminded Magic management that he definitely wants a trade.  He does not want to be on the Magic for the start of the season.  It’s likely he will get his wish, and most people would probably bet that Howard will be a Laker in the next few weeks.


Finally, in some interesting news out of the college football world, the Washington Huskies have recruited and received a commitment from one of the best young football players in the nation.  But here’s the thing:  he’s only 14 years old.  Yep, that’s right, San Diego resident Tate Martell has committed to the Washington football program 4 years from now.  When he gets there, none of the players on the current squad will be there.  This is certainly abnormal.  His reason is that he gets to go to school where one of his idols played:  Jake Locker.  Martell must know that Washington, while not always good, does produce quality pro players.  And hey, he’s not bad:  Check out his reel from 7th grade:

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