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In the NBA, it was Game 5 of the Finals.  LeBron James and the Heat dropped Game 1, but have won 3 straight.  For the first time in his career, LeBron was just a game away from winning a title.  As a fan, you had to be curious to watch the best player in the game compete at his most ferocious level.  Would the Thunder have any chance of containing LeBron in a game like this — where the title is so close, LeBron can taste it?  Clearly, the Thunder would also be operating at their best considering that if they lose, their season is over.  Plus, if the Thunder win, they get to take the remainder of the series back home.
The first quarter started out neck and neck, with Kevin Durant coming to play.  He had 32 points and 11 rebounds on the night.  Then, in the second, LeBron started to turn it on, and the Heat started to pull away.  In the third quarter, the Heat kept their lead, but the Thunder gnawed away at it.  It looked like we might have a game, but… then LeBron kicked it into a never-before-seen level.  There was no way he had any intention of losing this game, and finished the night with an amazing triple double (26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists).  On top of this, Mike Miller, a guy who had been disappointing for the Heat up until this game, got scorching hot from 3-point range.  He hit 7 of 8 three-pointers, and suddenly the Heat found themselves with a 22 point lead headed into the 4th. From there, it was all for show until the final buzzer sounded, and LeBron had his first ring.  Looks like his decision to come to Miami was a good one.  Congratulations to LeBron, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the NBA champion Miami Heat.  Miami 121, OKC 106.

As for the Thunder, their inexperience finally showed up, as they just weren’t mentally prepared for the force of the Heat.  But the Thunder have two of the best young players in the game (Durant and Westbrook), and they will surely be back in the Finals.  They may have to load up their bench, but this team could win multiple titles.


We’re in the midst of the Euro 2012 cup, and there was a big game between Portugal and the Czech Republic.  Portugal is home to arguably the greatest soccer player in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo.  This game was at a cold draw, and looked to stay that way for a while.  Ronaldo had a beautiful shot on goal, but it unfortunately hit the goal post.  But then, the ball was kicked near the goal by a Portugal teammate, and Ronaldo used his head (in quick strike motion) to put the ball in the goal.  This was something that no ordinary soccer player could do.  It was done so rapidly and so fluidly that you knew you were watching a pure master of the sport at work.  With the win, Portugal advances to the semi-finals of the Euro Cup.  Portugal 1, Czech Republic 0.

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