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In college football, a monumental day.  It looks like after years and years of not having a definitive champion in college football, we will finally have a solution.  For the past 13 years, college football has been under the BCS system, which, based on a computer analysis, determines the top 2 teams in the nation and pairs them together for the National Championship.  This has worked some years, but much of the time there has been debate after the season as to whether or not the team that won was actually the best.  On several occasions, an undefeated team has been left out of the game.  So if they finish undefeated, shouldn’t they get a chance to compete?  Now, college football has decided on a Final Four to hopefully put an end to the confusion.  At the end of each season, you can usually make a case about the top 4 teams possibly deserving that championship (but 4 is probably where you cap it to keep it competitive).  The small tournament will still take place in the current system with the major bowls representing each game (i.e. Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar — with one bowl left out each year).  This is going to make things very exciting.
And, in the NFL, it looks like Vikings (relative) star wide receiver Percy Harvin may be very unhappy in Minnesota.  Harvin was drafted out of Florida, and made a name for himself in the NFL during Brett Favre’s resurgence with the Vikings.  But, since Favre left, the Vikings have been pretty horrible, and likely don’t show much chance of getting better this season.  Players like Harvin want the ball in their hands, especially since Harvin is known as a deep ball threat.  But Harvin may not think that second year quarterback Christian Ponder can get it to him.  Harvin has formally requested a trade, but the Vikings said they have no interest in trading him.  They’re going to talk to Harvin and hear him out, but definitely want to make sure he stays in Vikings purple going forward.


Elsewhere, in the NBA, the Boston Celtics came within of a game of playing in the NBA Championship.  But LeBron put an end to that.  Now, the Celtics Big 3 are weighing their options.  There is a good chance that Ray Allen may look for an opportunity to make some money and play for a different contender, and now it looks like Kevin Garnett might be pondering retirement.  Anyone who watched the Celtics this post-season saw that Garnett still has gas in the tank, but Garnett said that he doesn’t want to interfere with the Celtics future plans (if they don’t include him), and may opt to call it quits on the sport, as opposed to join another team out there.  Garnett got his title, and its hard to imagine him playing for another team at this point.  He found a second family with the Celtics (after spending most of his career in Minnesota), and he might go out on a high note.  We’ll see what he decides.

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