The verdict was set to come down on whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs.  Clemens said he never did them, and was on trial for 6 counts of perjury.  The verdict:  Not Guilty — Clemens was acquitted of all charges.  After the trial, Clemens was emotional, saying he was “very thankful” and it’s been a “hard five years”.  Imagine the media covering your life for that long.  Even though he was found not guilty of lying, it still remains in question to most baseball fans whether he actually did steroids or not.  Towards the tail end of his career, Clemens was pitching great — and that’s suspicious.  But for now, he’s off the hook.


And in the NBA, with the draft right around the corner, all the prospects are getting excited and anxious.  Imagine the feeling of wondering if you’re headed to Toronto or Houston or even New York.  But for draft prospect and former Ohio State superstar Jared Sullinger, the dream took a serious bump.  All candidates must go through a medical test, and NBA doctors have “red flagged” Sullinger.  They said he has back issues because of having tight hamstrings.  The doctors said this could significantly shorten his playing career and are advising teams NOT to even draft him in the first round.  Ouch!  Sullinger was projected to be a Top 10 pick and now he might not even go until the second round — if at all.  There might be a chance he doesn’t even get to play in the NBA.  This must be a crushing blow to Sullinger and his family, but we’ll see what actually happens.

And finally in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats have reportedly found their head coach.  But it’s a complete shock whom they’re picking.  They had a chance to take former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, but that didn’t work out.  So most people thought they would finally give Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw a shot at being head coach.  But they passed on that.  They also passed on Lakers assistant Quin Snyder.  With that, the new assistant coach… Mike Dunlap, assistant coach at St. Johns.  Dunlap may be more from the collegiate level, but he is highly regarded in NBA circles as being an expert at the game of basketball, and that’s exactly what the less than stellar Charlotte Bobcats need.  They can only go up from here.

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