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In the NBA, it was a key Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.  Boston had a chance to close out the series on their home court, but, made it clear, it would not be easy to put away LeBron, Wade and the Heat.  Plus, the Heat had Chris Bosh back for this game.  If the Celtics were going to take it, they would need to be at the top of their game.  And… that’s the exact opposite of what happened.  The Celtics played horrible basketball in front of their home crowd.  They couldn’t hit a shot, and kept giving up turnovers to the Heat.  And, on top of that, the Heat played absolutely out of their mind — especially LeBron James.  He had a dazzling 45 points and 15 rebounds, and completely hammered the Celts.  The game wasn’t even close at any point.  Just a blowout till the end.  That will force a Game 7 back in Miami with a red hot Heat squad.  It will be a real shocker if the Celts pull off a victory.  Miami 98, Boston 79


And, in the NFL, after a one year experiment, the New England Patriots have decided to part ways with veteran and former all-star receiver Chad Ochocinco.  Many people thought that Ochocinco may have been washed up, but sources close to the Patriots said that it wasn’t about his ability, but rather his difficulty in learning the complex Patriots playbook.  That’s why we barely saw Ochocinco last year.  However, it’s still very likely that some team will take a chance on Ochocinco because he could be a real weapon for a team looking for another offensive weapon.  The Seahawks or Raiders could likely make use of having that veteran receiver leadership.
Finally, a touching story in the NFL.  This off-season, running-back Brandon Jacobs decided to leave the Giants and take a better offer to join the San Francisco 49ers.  The Giants had made Ahmad Bradshaw their man, and even drafted a running-back in the first round.  Jacobs likely knew their intention, and bolted for San Francisco.  But one young Giants fan, 6-year old Joseph Armento, mailed Jacobs a letter.  Armento couldn’t understand why Jacobs left considering they just won the Super Bowl. Armento’s mother explained to Joseph that the Giants couldn’t keep Jacobs because they didn’t have enough money to pay him.  So Joseph wrote Jacobs a short letter begging him to come back along with $3.36 to help him out financially.  Jacobs tweeted that he got choked up, and said he’d take Joseph to Chuck-E-Cheese when he came back to New Jersey.  If he does that, we need to see an ESPN crew cover it.