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After coming within one game of tying up the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder were hoping to grab Game 4 on their home turf against an incredibly difficult San Antonio Spurs squad.  It looks like the Thunder may have found some kind of kryptonite for the Spurs — defending them in ways that the Spurs haven’t seen yet.  And on Saturday night, for the Thunder, the first half didn’t belong to Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, but rather Serge Ibaka!!!!  He just sprang to life and hit 11 of 11 from the field.  He was a huge weapon they needed to step up and he finally did.  Then in the second half, Durant went crazy again, finishing with 36 points to dominate the game.  The Spurs made a semi-run at the end, but it wasn’t enough, and the Thunder pulled even with the Spurs.  Game 5 Monday night.  OKC 109, San Antonio 103.

And in the Eastern Conference Finals, what looked like it was going to be a route by Miami has suddenly become very interesting.  The Celtics took Game 3 easily and would look to repeat that in Game 4.  Fortunately for the Celtics, Rajon Rondo is playing on a whole new level of awesome.  He had 44 points against the Heat the other night, and had no intention of slowing.  In Game 4, the Celtics completely controlled the first half, easily building up a 19 point lead.  This one looked to be a slam dunk for them, but, of course, LeBron and Heat came storming back.  LeBron had 29 points on the night as the Heat came all the way back to tie the game and send it to overtime.  But, in OT, LeBron… fouled out — for the first time in his career.  In OT, the Heat found themselves down two and Wade hoisted a good-look three pointer for the win… and… NO!  Brick!  And with that the Celtics even up the series at two.  Game 5 is Tuesday night in Miami.  Boston 93, Miami 91.



Finally, in some news out of the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up in April’s draft to nab Oklahoma State superstar receiver Justin Blackmon.  They needed a playmaker for their young QB Blaine Gabbert and bet that Blackmon was that guy.  Well, he might be, but on Saturday night, Blackmon was arrested for a DUI.  That’s never a good start for an athlete you hope becomes the face of your franchise.  Remember, the Jags were planning on putting this guy on billboards across the city.  Now, they may have to reconsider that… at least for his rookie season.  This franchise is in serious need of a turn around and fast.

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