In the NBA, it was a difficult weekend for Kobe Bryantand the Lakers.  They suddenly found themselves in a 2-0 hole to a very tough Oklahoma City team.  They pulled out a win Friday night, bringing it to 2-1, and looked to even up the series at Staples Center on Saturday night.  The Lakers had the lead most of the way, keeping at just about a 10-point margin most of the game thanks to a 38 point, 8 rebound night from Kobe Bryant.  But then, in the 4th, the Thunder picked up the pace and made it a game.  That’s when Kobe went into ‘leadership’ mode and started taking a lot of shots — bad shots that is.  He just kept missing, and gave Kevin Durant the chance to ice the game.  Kevin Durant got the ball, dribbled up to the 3-point line, and SWISH — gave the Thunder the lead they needed to hold and steal a victory on the Lakers court.  The series is now 3-1, headed back to OKC.  OKC 103, LA Lakers 100.And on Sunday, LeBron and the Heat had Game 4 of their challenging series against Indiana.  Without Chris Bosh — the Heat are a different team.  Plus, on top of that, Wade is playing hurt — so much so that he had to have his knee drained before Game 4.  They desperately needed a win on Indiana’s court if they wanted to keep their championship hopes alive.  The game was neck and neck most of the way.  The Pacers Danny Granger put up 20 points in a solid night for the Pacers, but, unfortunately for Indiana, LeBron James turned into the LeBron James of the Cleveland years — the guy who dominates entire games.  LeBron had a remarkable 40 point, 18 rebound, and 2 block night.  The Pacers had no chance of stopping him, and now the series is tied at 2 games a piece.  Miami 101, Indiana 93.


Finally, in baseball, there is a new rivalry brewing between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals.  Baltimore vs. DC.  This is notable because these teams have been so horrible for a while, but now they are both competitors.  Sure, they’re in different leagues, which is what is so wonderful about inter-league play.  Ace Stephen Strasburg took the mound for the Nats and essentially dominated the Orioles.  He had 8 strikeouts, but guess what else… Strasberg homered in the game as well.  Strasberg is one of those players whose just amazing at everything.  Not too many major league pitchers can hit a home-run.  The Nats got the win, but don’t be surprised if these two squads meet up in the World Series.  Washington 9, Baltimore 3
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