In the NBA, it was the Minnesota Timberwolves visiting the Los Angeles Clippers.  Many people expected the Clippers to start their second-half run of the season, but this was the game that showed the T-Wolves may actually be dangerous.  In this game, Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love combined for a total of 12 points on the night, so we thought they would need to get help elsewhere.  And then Timberwolves supporting cast sprung to life, namely their rookie, and #2 overall pick, Derrick Williams from the University of Arizona.  He had a career-high 27-point night as the T-Wolves routed the Clippers.  If these guys can gel over the second half of the season, they’re going to be dangerous in the playoffs.  Minnesota 109, LA Clippers 97.


And, in the NFL, next year’s season will start on an odd day — Wednesday September 5th.  Traditionally, the league starts their season with a Thursday night kick-off, which has featured the Super Bowl winner hosting a game in year’s past.  But this year, they can’t have it on Thursday because that will be the Democratic National Convention.  The Giants will host a game Wednesday, although an opponent has not been set.  Most likely you will see a high-profile team like the Packers, Cowboys, or Eagles.


Finally, in golf, Tiger Woods may have revealed what he would like his 2nd career to be if he wasn’t the best golfer in the world.  Apparently, Woods is impressed and in awe of the Navy Seals and said he wants to be a seal.  Tiger is apparently obsessed with the military (most likely because his father was in it).  It was reported that Woods even did some parachute jumps with the SEALS, and has a bit of a boyhood fantasy of partaking in the type of dangerous missions you typically see in the movies.

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