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It was the first ever prime time NASCAR event:  The Daytona 500 (televised at night because of poor weather the day prior).  This was a weird night, as the race was delayed even further.  And then, after 159 laps, we had one heck of an explosion when Juan Pablo Montoya’s car collided with a JET DRYER, which was used to dry the track.  Except, these Jet Drying trucks actually have 200 gallons of jet fuel.  And that… is very flammable.  So when a car is sent hurling into the truck, it’s going to cause a huge explosion.  As of now, nobody was reported seriously hurt. The big winner after two and half days was Matt Kenseth.



In the NBA, while the All-Star festivities are fun, they can also leave team owners and coaches holding their breath, as they wouldn’t want their star players to needlessly get injured in an exhibition game.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant.  In the all-star game, Dwayne Wade fouled Kobe hard.  This bloodied up Kobe’s nose (blood that got on Wade), and Kobe left the game to get checked out.  Now it turns out that a CAT scan reveals that Kobe has a broken nose.  That’s not exactly the most comfortable thing to play with.  Surely, Kobe will be bandaged up for his next game, because the Lakers, struggling this season, can’t afford to rest him.  Plus, the Lakers still think they’ve got a shot at getting Dwight Howard or Deron Williams.  They have to keep playing hard to try and secure a top playoff spot in the event that one of those guys joins the squad.
Finally, in the NBA, there was speculation that the Sacramento Kings, not doing well financially, might move this next season.  Top spots included Anaheim or maybe even Seattle.  Seattle has been ecstatic about this, as they’re dying to get basketball back.  But now, it’s reported, that the Maloofs (owners of the Palms Casino and the Kings) may be signing on the dotted line to get a new arena and keep the Kings in Sacramento.  This move has been a HUGE initiative from Sacramento mayor (and former Phoenix Suns star) Kevin Johnson.  If they do get a new arena, they would build the arena in downtown Sacramento, which would bolster ticket sales.  If Sac-Town does keep the Kings, then it’s possible that the New Orleans Hornets could move to the Seattle area.

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