In the NBA, it was Jeremy Lin and the Knicks back in action against a slipping Atlanta Hawks team.  The Hawks are now without Joe Johnson, who will be replaced at the all-star game by the Celtics Rajon Rondo.  Thing is, the Hawks really need Johnson to win, as he’s responsible for about 20 points per game.  Without him, where do those points come from?  Jeremy Lin, with teammates Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire didn’t flinch at the Hawks, and routed them at Madison Square Garden.  Lin had 17 points and 9 assists, as the Knicks are starting to really come together as a unit.  If these guys continue to have fun and gel, they could be a tour de force in the second half of the season.  NY Knicks 99, Atlanta 82.

Next up for the Knicks, a true test, as they head to Miami to take on LeBron, Wade, and the Heat.  This is a pivotal game going into the all-star break for the Knicks.  If they can get past the Heat… IN Miami, that means that they can potentially match up well against them and could pose a threat to Miami’s championship run in the post-season.  Jeremy Lin said he wouldn’t change his game against LeBron.  LeBron is one of the great defenders, and will be matching up against Lin at different points in the game, but Lin said he just needs to be aggressive and not change anything on his end.  This one is a much watch Thursday night!


The Los Angeles Angels have launched a HUGE billboard campaign around their new $100 Million Dollar investment Albert Pujols.  They put up 20 billboards around Los Angeles with a picture of Albert Pujols and a tagline “El Hombre”.  But Pujols came out publicly and said he doesn’t want to be called “El Hombre” (The Man).  Why?  Because back in St. Louis, Pujols had a relationship with 90-year old Stan “The Man” Musial.  “The Man” was singular to Musial in St. Louis — so much so that Pujols asked the Cardinals fans NOT to call him “El Hombre”.  He has clearly extended that displeasure to Los Angeles, so they will most likely oblige.

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