In the NBA, former superstar Allen Iverson just isn’t ready to call it quits on his NBA career.  He was a one of the best players in the league while on the Philadelphia 76ers, and continued playing fantastic when he went to the Denver Nuggets.  But, his career hit the downslide when he went to Detroit.  Last year, Iverson went to play overseas in Turkey, but didn’t do much there.  Now, wanting one last shot in the NBA (and needing money), Allen Iverson said he is prepared to play in the Minor Leagues.  That could be in the Caribbean, South American, or even the D-League.  Now it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers minor league team is looking to give him a shot.  But Iverson said he ONLY is willing to play in the D-League if it will legitimately lead him back to the NBA.  There’s no guarantee there, but it’s interesting to see a guy who is regarded as one of the greatest 50 players to ever play not wanting to call it quits.  This guy wants to play bad!

Elsewhere in the NBA, amid all the hoopla that the Knicks emerging star (Jeremy Lin) won’t be able to gel with superstar Carmelo Anthony, an interesting quote comes out.  The Knicks are riding an 8-game winning streak with Lin, and some are reticent to break up the magic putting Anthony back into the line-up.  But yesterday, Lin came out publicly and said that he actually got his chance BECAUSE of Carmelo Anthony.  Apparently, when the Knicks were dealing with some serious injury problems, it was Carmelo’s idea for Lin, the young prospect playing well in practice, to start.  The coaches agreed, and the last 8 games are history.  So it’s hard to believe that, given this chemistry, they would have any setbacks once Anthony returns to the line-up.


Finally, some sad news from the baseball world.  After a long battle with brain cancer, former New York Mets all-star catcher Gary Carter has died.  Carter was a household name in the 1980s in New York.  A good-looking guy who also had a great reputation as a very nice man.  Carter was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2003, and it was something he was extremely proud of.  Fellow Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt said of Gary Carter’s induction, “No player ever appreciated that call to the extent he did. The joy it brought him, his family, and friends, especially me, was so real and pleasantly genuine, I ate it up and still do”.  The sport will forever miss Carter.

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