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In college basketball, there was only one undefeated team in college basketball.  And it’s not one of the big boys — it’s Murray State.  These guys have had a great season, and continue to survive game after game even with everyone gunning for them.  They’re definitely headed for the tournament, but could they finish the season undefeated?  They would have to get past a very tough Tennessee State team.  And the Murray State Racers just couldn’t shake these guys.  They were trailing late, and even though they got a few breaks from Tennessee State mistakes, the Racers couldn’t get it done at the end and suffered their very first loss of the season.  Now they’re 23-1 and hoping to do some damage in the tournament.  Tenn State 72.  Murray State 68.


Elsewhere, in some NFL related news, it looks like there was a reason for what may become the most memorable play of Sunday’s Giants/Patriots Super Bowl.  We’re talking about that clutch pass from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham that advanced the Giants almost half the football field, and gave them the momentum they needed to keep driving and score.   It looks like the plan that Bill Belichick had for the Patriots was to force the Giants to throw to Mario Manningham.  The Giants two biggest receiving weapons are easily Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.  The Pats defense took those two guys away from Eli Manning as targets, but the Giants called the Patriots out, opting to make that risky throw to Manningham.  Well… it worked, and the rest is history.

Finally, in some other news released, after Alabama ruined LSU’s perfect season by beating them in the National Championship, it appeared that Alabama had their number.  But now LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson has gone public saying he thinks they lost the game because of the play calling from the coaching staff.  Jefferson said that he thinks LSU’s receivers were very good this past season, and never understood why the staff didn’t want to use them.  Instead, they opted to run the ball a lot and throw short.  Jefferson also added that the players HAVE to execute the plays the coaches want to execute, but that even before the play, the players were shaking their heads wondering why certain plays were called.  Typically, college quarterbacks don’t publicly criticize their coaching staffs.

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