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In the NFL, it’s the end of an era as after 11 seasons, running-back Ricky Williams is calling it quits… for good.  Williams retired once before, when he publicly admitted that he didn’t want to play football for the Dolphins to take a season off smoking marijuana and touring with Lenny Kravitz.  Once a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Texas, Williams was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in a draft that saw their head coach give up all his picks to get him.  Williams underperformed in New Orleans, was traded to Miami, where he was the most productive, only to eventually wind up on the Baltimore Ravens this past season as a back-up. Finally, he’s had enough.  He always felt more like a tremendous athlete than a “football player”.  He will be missed as a character in this league.

Elsewhere in the NFL, there’s PEYTON MANNING FEVER in Tennessee right now.  Titans fans want him badly, knowing that their franchise has been without a star quarterback for a very long time.  But, Titans management is doing their best to cool the Peyton Manning fever, saying that they feel like they have a solid QB foundation with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, and a young Jake Locker waiting to take the reigns.  Then again, Hasselbeck is getting up there in age, and Locker is unproven and has been somewhat sloppy in the few appearances he made last season.  Maybe they should take a serious look at putting Manning on their roster.

Finally, the Giants got their victory parade yesterday in the streets of Manhattan.  Tons of people came out to support the players and coaching staff.  Head coach Tom Coughlin said that New York is the greatest city in the world, and they wanted to bring the Super Bowl trophy back to New York where it belonged.  Then, Eli Manning got up and gave a humorous speech, saying that when the Giants started off the season 6-2, Manning said to his coach, “Coach… this is too easy, let’s lose 4 in a row” (which they did).  Then, in the the Super Bowl, up 9-0, Manning turned to his coach and said, “Coach… this is too easy, let’s lose the lead before the half (which they did).  Anyway, the Giants sure had the recipe for success.

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